Sassy - lively and spirited; jaunty; stylish; cheeky; bold or fresh, variant of "Saucy"

I chose the blog name "Slice of Sassy" because I like the descriptive word "SASSY".  
It defines my personality and my cooking.

My other blog, Doodles & Stitches, is my two year old baby.  
It has brought me so much joy.  It has taught me a lot about myself and others.  
It has certainly brought challenges along with new friends and successes.  
It seemed to me that the recipe portion of Doodles & Stitches was a little out of place on a DIY blog.  So, I decided to branch out and create a blog all about food, featuring all my past recipes from Doodles & Stitches and venturing into some new realms.
Welcome to "Slice of Sassy"!

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